Health and Safety at work is part of my daily life

SML.SA's policy is to ensure the health, safety and well-being of its employees, contract workers and visitors, while maintaining a high level of quality and productivity through prevention occupational hazards through collective prevention (awareness and training activities, workplace visits, occupational health and safety committee awareness tours, daily inspections of mining equipment, monitoring of critical tasks by the service Health and Safety at work and monthly safety meeting on the theme of the month in relation to health and safety at work) and individual prevention (helmet, shoes and boots, glasses, screen-welder, masks, gloves , special clothing, safety harness and hearing protection). Also our prevention program is summarized by the 10 golden rules of the SML in health safety, elaborated by the CSST which are:

  • 1. I know the risks of my job;
  • 2. Before starting my work, I evaluate the situation;
  • 3. I make sure I have the right tools and equipment to do my job and take care of it;
  • 4. I wear and care for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
  • 5. I respect the rules and guidelines, in doubt I ask questions;
  • 6. No work is important or urgent enough to be done safely;
  • 7. I have my share of responsibility for the protection of my health, the organization of my safety and that of others;
  • 8. Order and cleanliness contribute to the improvement of my health and safety and that of others;
  • 9. I report all the anomalies observed; I report all accidents and injuries;
  • 10. Outside of work, I continue to think about my health and safety and that of others.

The SML Infirmary has modern equipment and equipment for the treatment of personnel and surrounding local populations. It is open daily from Monday to Sunday and is located in the administrative office. The medical evacuations are organized in the direction of Niamey in case of complication.

 Safety a work at SML

Protecting the lab staff with task-appropriate PPE - wearing anti-gas mask suitable for protection against lead vapors, gloves and anti-heat mantle and also safety eye protection.

Protecting the lab staff with task-appropriate PPE -
Plumbing fusion: wearing coat and gloves anti heat, protective visor for the output of the cups of the oven..

The "Pit-Stop"- preventive maintenance of equipment early in the morning, allows maintenance of all gear, detecting anomalies and correcting them before they cause accidental occurrences

Calculation of Frequency and Gravity Rates Frequency rate:

Number of accidents x 1.000.000

Total number of hours worked

Severity rate: Number of days lost x 1,000 Total number of hours worked