Many development actions have been realized to local populations :

  • Support for education (construction of classes equipped with showers and latrines);
  • Access to drinking water (drilling, rehabilitation of wells, construction of standpipes and tank endowment);
  • Support for health (construction of a maternity, CSI and free treatment of the local population in the SML infirmary);
  • Support for girls (staffing in grain mills, sewing machines, fabrics and training center);
  • Support for youth (pumping, piping and roasting equipment);
  • Electrification of villages and schools.

School at Libiri village

libiri school

Construction and equipment of classes in the village of Libiri - SML education support program.

off-season vegetable production at Bossey-Bangou village

SML support for off-season vegetable production at Bossey-Bangou village - SML agriculture support program.

Construction of a Kindergarten at Boulkagou village

Construction and equipment of the Kindergarten in the village of Boulkagou - SML education program.

Sustainable electricity supply at Libiri village

This electrification program provides 100% rural electrification for the Libiri village- SML Sustainable electricity program.

Sewing workshop at Bossey-Bangou village

Creation of a sewing workshop for young girls in the village of Bossey-Bangou - SML rural women support program.

Clean water drilling at Bossey-Bangou village

Realization of a solar-powered water drilling for the benefit of the populations of Bossey-Bangou. - SML Clean water support program.

Clean water tank for Samira Hill bordering populations

Clean water tank for the populations bordering Samira Hill and watering of the animals. - SML Clean water program.