Our environment is the legacy of our children ...

Responsible management of the environment is one of the major concerns of the Liptako Mining Corporation (SML SA). Our goal is to reduce as much as possible the environmental impacts resulting from our activities, while complying with national and international environmental legislation requirements. To this end, we have put in place an effective environmental management system to prevent pollution, the rational use of water, energy and natural resources.

Natural stocking of the dam

Natural stocking provides a permanent fishing activity at the dam. - SML environnement program.

Tap Water quality monitoring

Drinking water monitoring campaign for physicochemical analysis and bacteriological tests - SML Clean water program.

A Dam for water expanses

The 4-million-cubic-meter dam constructed for processing at the plant also provides watering for thousands of domestic and wild animals - SML environnement program.

Dust Collection

Dust collector equipment to prevent air polution from dust generated by the laboratory activities - SML Clean air program.

Reforestation activities

Reforestation activities on the occasion of the August 3 tree festivities - SML environnement program.

Bird protection

Bird banger installed around the dike to protect birds by keeping them away - SML Bird conservation program.

Water quality test

Sampling to test water quality near the dike as part of the groundwater monitoring. - SML Clean water program.

Baobab plantation

The first baobab plantation at the SML life base of the Samaira Hill site - SML environnement program.